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Vanessa Lionheart

The coordinator of our Cooperative Project, Vanessa Bransburg,  has been nominated for a Lionheart Award. Offered in collaboration between the promotion campaign for the upcoming new Robin Hood movie and the Robin Hood Foundation, the award recognizes individuals who make a positive impact in society. Winners are selected through online voting. The three winners receive $5,000 and they can direct another $5,000 to the charity of their choice. Please support Vanessa by visiting her profile and clicking on the “I support this Lionheart” link! Voting ends on May 16.

Congratulations, Vanessa, and good luck!


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Center Receives Award for Organizational Excellence

Center for Family Life recently received an  Organizational Excellence Award from the National Network for Social Work Managers (NNSWM). The award was accepted by by Co-Directors Julie Stein Brockway and Julia Jean-Francois (see photo).

We are honored to be chosen for this award, which recognizes human services agencies that achieve a high standard in management and service quality, and we are particularly thankful to Laurie Dien, Senior Program Officer at The Pinkerton Foundation, who nominated the Center. We appreciate her deep understanding of social group work and its relevance to agency administration.

Since 1985, the National Network of Social  Work Managers is the only social work organization dedicated to management. It seeks to support social work managers and foster the development of a nationwide network through annual conferences and by setting management standards.

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Color Me! Cooperative Launches

by Vanessa Bransburg, Cooperative Coordinator at Center for Family Life

In March, fourteen immigrant women from Sunset Park came together to start a worker-owned interior painting business. They began a 10-week cooperative orientation and training to prepare for the launch of their business.  As the Cooperative Coordinator, I designed the curriculum and helped recruit the founding members, but what I did not expect was the high intensity of enthusiasm and focus from the members.

During these first 10 weeks before the launch, we covered the fundamental principles of the cooperative movement, communication skills for group work, decision-making strategies, the infrastructure development of the business and of course- interior painting basics. Week after week, the members expanded their set of skills, including practice painting sessions decorating several rooms at the offices of Center for Family Life. This not only provided them with the opportunity to develop their painting skills but also to learn how to work effectively as a team.

By the end of the 10-week period, members developed a good rapport with each other and gained confidence as newly minted business owners. During the last two sessions, members met with Maria Parodi, a marketing specialist from from a consulting agency, Vidal Partnership, to learn about branding and marketing. Ms. Parodi also helped them develop their business name and positioning. These trainings were filled with energy and geared the members towards a more focused path, getting a better sense of who their target audience would be and the best ways to approach them.

On April 28th, we held a graduation ceremony for the Color Me! Cooperative. The room was filled with family members, friends and CFL staff, all of whom felt proud of the members for having come such a long way to start their very own business enterprise. As a symbolic acknowledgement of this big moment, each coop member received a certificate. We also celebrated the event with delicious food.

The Cooperative is now offering Sunset Park residents and friends of the Center a promotional offer to paint your home or apartment at a 50% discount. The promotion is for a limited time only, so give us a call today for an estimate. You can reach us at (718) 633-4823.

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