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Picaditas, enchiladas and the quest for the perfect salsa verde

by Julia Jean-Francois

Luz Maria in her kitchen

Luz Maria in her kitchen

The cooking adventure continues, and this month it took us on a virtual trip to Mexico with a visit to Luz Maria and her incredible mighty-mini Sunset Park kitchen. Luz Maria is a soft spoken and gracious young woman from the Mexican state of Puebla. In previous cooking lessons she has turned out the lightest, fluffiest chiles rellenos (stuffed poblano chiles) that we have ever had the unalloyed joy and happiness to sink our teeth into.

This month we persuaded her to show us a few new recipes, picaditas and enchiladas, both made with the best salsa verde that we’ve had in a long time. Hand made tortillas, soft, toothsome with a slightly nutty-sweet toasted ground corn flavor, knocked the whole experience out of the culinary grand stands. Luz claims she is nothing special in the kitchen, but we feel differently. Little by little, she is coming around to the possibility of joining our newly formed group of cooks offering private cooking lessons to eager home cooks in NYC. “Émigré Gourmet,” our cooking artist collaborative, would be the richer for Luz Maria’s joining up! Stay tuned for the launch of Émigré Gourmet in the upcoming weeks.

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